Christian Ministry, initiated in 2015 by Brother Guerrick Makengo who is also a youth trying to fulfil his mission by connecting with other youths with the intention to impact our generation through the Grace of Our savior Jesus Christ. The group consists of young Christians, motivated by the love of God, getting together in prayers and teachings to spark a mighty move of God for a great end of times revival in their environment, their cities, their states, their countries, and around the world.


Our vision

 is to raise a generation of young Christians that will develop a strong intimate relationship with God while pursuing excellence in their lives to impact history through inborn talents and skills, as well as leaving a legacy for future generations. (Revelation 5:10).

Our goal is

• gather and lead young Christians through series of revival conferences and prayers for purpose of igniting the fire of love for Christ within the youth, and empower the youth for its responsibility before challenges and trials of this world and to still immerge triumphant in the Lord.

• Reconnect the young Christians, professionals mostly, to God by imbibing the principles of the kingdom in order to have a life of impact.

• Awaken the youth about the coming of Christ, and equip the youth with deep biblical background to maintain their faith on the path to their destiny.

• Contribute to the development of talents and skills of the Christian youth by giving them the exposure they might need to be leaders or pioneers in their respective areas.

• Establish the bridge in the mentality of  the youth facing challenges in society and God’s purpose by lifting the youth understanding the importance of today’s world to be influenced the “Christian way” in order to sustain the biblical principles in our societies.

• Exhibit diversity of talents, gifts, and abilities to open the youth’s mindset.

• to realize God’s work through skills most of the times overlooked or           neglected.

Our Activities

• Talent shows will be held where the youth would have the opportunity to demonstrate how God blessed them with multiple talents and gifts.

• Multiple departments such as music, acting, dance, miming will be performing.


• Make of youth active and successful in their daily basis by overcoming the worries and needs of life.


• Guide and assist students as well as professionals in their schooling and, or careers. The youth needs educated leaders that will put their knowledge to use for the glory of God for a lager and greater impact of the gospel in our society.

• Creation of educational commissions will be done: to help students in their path to their professional careers. And helping promote and encourage the youth to further their education as main purpose of this commission.


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